Getting the most affordable and longest-lasting solar systems to the people that need them the most!

We do this by building and distributing 4 key solar technologies:

#1 'Forever' Lights & Batteries

#2 Solar-Electric Cooking Systems

#3 Solar Irrigation Pumps, and

#4 Small Solar Cars

Our Mission 

Creating $10 to $100 worth of humanitarian benefit for every donated dollar that is invested in solar systems for the lowest-income households in Africa 

"Forever" Lights

We have designed a small solar lighting and phone charging system using Lithium Titanate (LTO) batteries that costs less than $20 and can last 10 to 20 years! 

Solar-Electric Cooking

More than 90% of African household energy use is for cooking. When people convert to solar electric cooking, they can avoid some of the  deadly smoke that  comes from burning wood.

Solar Pumps for Womens Groups

In many low-income communities, women carry water by hand to grow food for their families and vegetables for sale. Solar pumps make this work much easier and much more profitable.   

Small Solar Cars

Small Solar Cars (SSCs) make 100% renewable energy transportation accessible and affordable for low-income communities. We are pioneering the distribution of SSCs in Africa and the US.


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